Is Google trying to get you to give out your email to spammers?


So this morning I was doing a few searches and I noticed a very weird looking ad, had to double take for a second …

Google Lead Generation Ad

Am I seeing that correctly … Google has a Advertiser that is paying for a PPC ad, and directly has the option for the Searcher to GIVE UP their Email Address and Zip Code !

Looks like a new Ad Type in the Testing Phase if you ask me … hummm … wonder how FreeFly’s was lucky enough to get this very attractive ad !

Well would be interested in seeing what comes out of this, and how google is compensated for getting them a email address and zip code !

Have you seen similar ads or even a different type of ad unit floating around google search ?

*** UPDATE ***

So this is very interesting, after doing some more searching and browsing the web and logging into my google account now this is what I see

Coupon Search

Since i’m logged into my google account now they are forcing my email into the submission box and making it super easy for me to Subscribe to Coupons.Com Newsletter !!!

So my next question is … What about the Privacy of the Users Data ?

Email Data Privacy

When you click on the little Privacy Link you see the message above, however is this really the case, or is google also keeping a nice little record of all those email addresses for their own “Future Potential” use, and a way to gauge how many people are actually putting in their information using this format ?

This is email address submission at it’s finest!  Wonder what other search terms will show me similar results ???

Arron Wall wrote back in September about 2 other new types of ad units, you can read about those on SEOBook.Com

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Darin Carter


Is Google trying to get you to give out your email to spammers? by


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