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Have you noticed lately that your rankings mysteriously vanished once Google released its new Penguin update? Well, you’re not the only one frustrated with disappearing search results. Since the Google Penguin update, Google has changed the game yet again in the SEO industry and has generated a huge buzz among SEOs and bloggers.

The central purpose of the Penguin update, which was launched in late April, is to put a deep freeze on web spam in Google’s search results. The Penguin update is proposed to fight web spammers who use shady techniques to rank websites. However, research shows how useless and horribly designed the update actually is. Countless amounts of Google users have declared that Google Penguin by all measures “is the worse Google update that has happened yet.” Lately, many have discovered that it seems like while Google is targeting “black hat” SEOs, the “white hat” SEOs are being affected as well.

According to Glenn Gave at G-Squared Interactive, the Penguin update “lacks natural links.” The Google Penguin update has 5 types of link issues harming some affected websites, including paid text links using exact match anchor text, comment spam, guest posts on questionable sites, articles marketing sites, and links from dangerous sites. So where do you go from here? How do you avoid the being targeted by Google? Here are some helpful tips to move forward and dodge the twists and turns that Google is doing in the SEO industry:

• Stop building exact match anchor links- Google is going to eventually catch on to what you’re doing and penalize you for exact match anchor links. Your links should never be an exact match to the anchor text. Instead, focus on links that mention your brand.
• Make link building constantly unpredictable- you want to make your link count grow by a different number each month. If you link count is growing by the same number each month, Google will notice this consistent pattern.
• Differentiate the quality of the sites you are buying links from- Your target should be for pages that are big, small, popular, unpopular, no page rank, high range rank, etc.
• Purchase blogs- the blog will then be yours and you won’t run into the result of being punished for buying paid links.
• Search for broken links- you will be surprised with how many broken links out there are free.

Don’t always rely on Google. It may be a very powerful search engine, but there are ways to optimize outside of Google to keep your website looking fresh. Explore the SEO life beyond Google to gain more online visibility:

1. Post helpful, shareable content through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You want to create and publish content that viewers can socialize over.
2. Blog more often. Connect with businesses and contribute your ideas and opinions by posting blog posts.
3. Interact daily on relevant businesses Facebook pages.
4. Purchase social ads on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln so that you can grab the attention of your targeted demographic.
5. YouTube serves as an excellent source that brings in traffic. Create videos often to educate viewers. Videos will create one-on-one engagement with you audience.

Always keep in mind that not all your SEO eggs should be placed in Google’s basket.

This article was written by Jennifer Rodino – New Memeber to My Search Marketing Team !!!

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