How much was spent on Search Marketing in 2011

It is amazing how much was spent on Search Marketing in 2011. The world of advertising has changed greatly in the past decade, but now has become a completely different animal for most companies. Where print advertising, television commercials, and cable TV marketing were the primary allocation for most business budgets, today everything has changed. The modern business model is putting most of their money into search engine marketing and interactive advertising. This is not just a fleeting trend, but appears to be an overall paradigm shift in how advertising is changing with the global marketplace. Because of these changes, most companies are having to rethink the way that they do business and how they interact with their customers. These same companies have had to rethink how they are attracting new customers and what these changes mean for their business strategies as a whole.

Here are some of the current statistics that show how important search marketing is in the current business climate. According to, the projected search engine marketing investments in 2011 were supposed to be around 19 billion dollars. Although estimated that amount actually reached closer to 42 billion by the end of 2011 for businesses worldwide. This is a grand leap from just a few years ago. Most companies have made this shift in their spending dramatically. They are trying to keep up with the newest trends that their customers and clients appear to be in favor of globally. It is always the goal of marketing to better service, communicate, and sell their products to the consumers, so it is necessary for the companies that use marketing to change with the times accordingly.

According to, the projected marketing budgets will be over 77 billion dollars just for interactive advertising. This is as much or more than those same companies spend on television advertisements currently. These statistics show a staggering change in the mode of how companies are aiming their marketing budgets to reach the public. Search marketing is the most cost effective way to catch up with the consumer and also meet their needs as a company marketing products to them. Essentially all modern businesses are having to keep up with the trends that are making search engine marketing the primary mode of reaching consumers. This is not just a passing fad, the changes in how the public interacts with the companies that market products and services has altered the landscape of business permanently. It is something that is already clear to all progressive industries and now it is necessary to evolve or be left behind.

The lessons of the past are still applicable to the trends in the future, but the way businesses interact with the public is swiftly changing. The traditional modes of advertising are still being used, but are not as wide reaching as the modern methods of the information age consumers. The new world has created a new variety of customer for all companies, so the old ways of advertising are becoming out dated. If anything is true about the information age, it is that the consumer has become in control of how they will be influenced by the marketing that is directed their way. Search marketing is one of the primary trends that has changed the face of the advertising world. Search engine marketing will continue to be the dominant force that is shaping how companies will be reaching the public in the future. Over time, the search engine may become the most important vehicle for directing and marketing products to consumers globally. This is the future of marketing.

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