Pay Per Click Management – Part 1

Ok I have decided to write a series on Pay Per Click Management. I have managed many Pay Per Click accounts in my day … and I can’t tell you how important it is to follow some Very Basic however Very Important steps to running a successful account! In Part 1 of this series I will show you the VERY 1st Step and Most Important Step to creating a Pay per Click Account.

Just like everyday life … you must be organized. The files on your computer are organized … your documents are in your “My Documents Folder”, your Pictures are in your “Pictures” file, even those alternative files you don’t want anyone knowing about are in a “FILE” somewhere on your computer.

Organization is the 1st Key to running a Successful PPC Account. Just like your Paper Files in a filing cabinet … you have the Light Bill in the Light Bill folder, the Water Bill in the Water Bill folder and the Telephone Bill in the Telephone Bill folder. I can’t stress why this is so important … and I will let you know why this is an important factor later on in this post!

Ok so lets get started … I will have to use an example of a site to get the point accross so think about your site when reading this and constructing your PPC Account!

So lets say I own a “Car Parts” related eCommerce website.

I sell parts such as wheels, exhaust, engine components and interior components.

If you notice Google, Yahoo and MSN all now follow the same account structure, because they understand it is important to be organized to run a successfull Pay Per Click Account!

So you have your Account, then Campaigns in that Account and Ad Groups in your Campaigns, so you have 3 levels to a PPC Account.

You have 1 Account that can have Several Campaigns and in Each Campaign you can have Several Ad Groups.

Ok, so I have my Account Set up and now I want to create Campaigns … what do I do from here, what do I name them? Great question, if your in eCommerce you probably have 2 levels at this point, you have 1st Level Categories (ie. wheels, exhaust, etc) Generic Categories to your site … you should create Generic Campaigns so For example I would create:

Wheels, Exhaust, Engine Components

My 2nd Level are Brands, so I could create Campaigns with my Top Brands (ie. Borla, Tenzo-R, AEM) These campaigns will come in handy because they are your top sellers and as the market moves you want to be able to find your keywords to adjust accordingly so For example I would create:

Borla, Tenzo-R, AEM

So now that you have some Campaigns set up now you need to set up Ad Groups in those Campaigns so same concept here … think and plan out the best names for your Ad Groups so for my Generic “Wheels” Campaign i’m going to create the following Ad Groups:

Truck Wheels, Car Wheels

For my Brands Category Under “AEM” i’m going to create the following Ad Groups:

AEM Air Intake Systems, AEM DRYFLOW Air Filters, AEM High Performance Electronics, AEM Digital Gauges

OK! So our PPC Account should look like this so far!

Account: “MyCarPartsStore.Com”
Campaigns: Wheels, Exhaust, Engine Components, Borla, Tenzo-R, AEM
Ad Groups: Truck Wheels, Car Wheels, AEM Air Intake Systems, AEM DRYFLOW Air Filters, AEM High Performance Electronics, AEM Digital Gauges

This type of organization in your PPC Account will allow you to quickly make changes and find keywords in your Account on the Fly.

I have seen many accounts using the generic Naming Convention and to find the keyword 17 inch truck wheels could possibly take valuable time away from you being able to do something productive for your business … with the Structure above the generic keyword would be in the Wheels Campaign, Truck Wheels Ad Group!

Once you have this hierarchy in place it will make Managing your Campaign a breeze!

In Part 2 of this series we will discuss Keyword Generation so stay tuned!


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      With PPC it’s not a set and forget process, you have to work with the data you get to make your campaigns work and profitable … after working with PPC for the past 10 years I’m still learning to this day !!!

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