The Most Reputable Company in the U.S. is…. Amazon

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While the general public still has “strong negative perceptions” of Corporate America, according to the results of a recently-released study by Harris Interactive, Amazon has the distinction of being most reputable among the “most visible” companies in the United States.

The Harris Interactive study interviewed over 14,000 individuals for its 2013 Reputation Quotient, a study that measures corporate reputation. The market research firm assessed businesses based on six criteria: social responsibility, emotional appeal, products and services, workplace environment, financial performance, and vision and leadership.

Amazon ranked in the top five for five out of the six criteria, and led in emotional appeal along with products and services. Any RQ score over 80 is considered “excellent,” and Amazon achieved a score of 82.62. Apple, who was on top last year, was right on Amazon’s heels with a score of 82.54. Walt Disney came in third with 82.12 while Google came in at 81.32 and Johnson & Johnson rounded out the top five with 80.95.

Harris Interactive added that technology companies enjoy the best reputations, with a 79% positive rating, up from 76% in 2012. Tobacco companies, unsurprisingly, have the worst reputation with a 73% negative rating. Amazon’s accomplishment is especially great, considering the report also mentioned that the number of companies with great reputations has fallen from 16 to 8 to 6 over the course of the past 2 years.

Amazon, who was in fourth place last year, has maintained a respectable reputation for five consecutive years, with scores consistently over 80. Amazon also received a nearly 100% positive rating in all measures relating to trust, in addition to scoring high in Advocacy and Word of Mouth metrics.

The Most Reputable Company in the U.S. is…. Amazon by

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