Third-Party Apps for Google Glass Revealed

At Google’s annual I/O developer conference today in San Francisco, the first big wave of third-party apps for the Glass were revealed.

Twitter launched its official app, which lets Google Glass users tweet photos and text, as well as reply to, retweet, or favorite tweets and notifications.  Originally there was a third-party app that let users tweet from the device, but it was only capable of sharing photos.  Now when a user shares a photo using the app, it automatically adds the words, “Just shared a photo #throughglass,” in the tweet.

In addition to Twitter, the Google Glass also now has social media apps for Tumblr and Facebook, which seems to be focusing on photo sharing. After taking a picture, users can post it to their timeline immediately and add a caption just by using their voice.

Elle is trying to be the first magazine to bring its content to Glass; the magazine created an entire team to make it happen. By using the Elle app, users will be able to read stories aloud and view photos that accompany each piece.

It might be a little while before people get their hands on Glass, but at least when they do they’ll be able to go on some of their favorite sites.  Darin, a Glass Explorer, should be getting his soon.  Check out the tweet he received from Project Glass today:

Darin Carter Google Glass

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