Top 10 Search Marketing Money Wasting Mistakes

With the economy the way it is, everyone is looking for places to save money. Have you checked your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns to see if your wasting money.

Here are the top 10 Money Wasting Mistakes I see all the time.

1. Content Network
By default with Google, Yahoo and MSN their Content Network ads are on. If your not sure how to utilize the Content Network ads then turn them off. You should only really use them if you know what your doing!

2. Too Many Broad Keywords
I’m not talking about long tail keywords here, i’m talking about the very general keywords that are not converting very well. Do some research within your account and see what your keywords are doing. Try and cut some fat from your campaigns and save a little bank!

3. Not watching your Competition
Check out what your competitors are doing. Use the Google Keyword Tool. Select “site-related keywords” and enter your competitor’s website to get keyword groups from the pages on their sites. Also, check out their sites for content and what they are doing different from you. Do some more research at to find more on their PPC spending. Look at the search results pages after entering their top keywords in the engines, check out what their ads look like!

4. Messed up AdText
Put your keywords in the title of the ad, but also in the ad copy. Write clear and relevant content for both users and the Spiders. Use the A+B testing feature and write a few ads to see which works better for you and your site.

5. Only advertising your HomePage
What about every other page on your site? If your selling products drive searchers to those specific pages. The traffic is still coming to your site and your directing them to exactly what they searched for. Make life easier for your visitors and they will browse around the site on their own!

6. Broad and Exact Match
The difference between these two could be a few hundred dollars per month. If you could create 3 exact match Ad Groups vs having the same 3 ad groups in Broad Match then your spending money you shouldn’t have to. Half of the visitors you are paying for do nothing for you in this situation!

7. Negative Keywords
If you don’t have any negative keywords then you could be throwing money out the window! Prime Example, if I sold – baby cribs – and I don’t have the negative keyword MTV then when someone types in MTV Cribs (the famous tv show that have nothing to do with baby cribs) then my ad would show up. How many people might click on my ad and waste my marketing dollars (especially if my ad was written bad!)

8. Google Optimize Option
Google doesn’t know everything about your business. Roll up your sleves and do some work yourself. Don’t expect Google to optimize your campaigns for 100% Success!

9. Tracking, Tracking, Tracking
Ok you have this big SEM Account and your spending a ton of money and your making a ton of money but your not really sure how? Then track your ads and track your conversions!
I still have some new clients that come to me and don’t have analytics installed on their sites. Come on people Google Analytics is FREE! Install a way to track your traffic so you can see whats going on!

10. Conversions
Did you know that Google, Yahoo and MSN all have conversion trackers. Why wouldn’t you use them to see where your conversions are coming from and what keywords converted! Install the codes on the Conversion Pages and start using that data to make better decisions in your Search Marketing Accounts!

Those 10 Mistakes could cost you a lot per year if your not being careful. Now go clean up those accounts and save some money. Reinvest your savings into higher PPC costs on your Converting Keywords to generate more revenue for you!

Darin Carter

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