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StyleCon2015 – Complimentary Pass

StyleCon 2015

If you follow me, or met me in person before, i’m sure you have noticed my style or swag.

If you have ever emailed back and forth with me, you may have noticed in my signature the following quote:

You only get 1 chance at a 1st impression!

I always try to be aware of my appearance because it’s one of several things that control my confidence.

With my career another quote comes to mind: “Dress to impress!

I stumbled upon Aaron Marino the owner of Alpha M Image Consulting, and I was instantly hooked. He has recorded over 2,000 videos on YouTube helping men with Style, Grooming, Fitness and a slew of other topics.

Aaron is an image consultant and men’s style expert. In 2006, Aaron Marino started a men’s image consulting firm, alpha m. Image Consulting, to help average men with simple common sense advice; aimed to enhance their image, style, grooming, fashion and most importantly their confidence. Aaron Marino has been featured in countless publications, as well as guest appearances on various television and radio programs, both locally, as well as nationally.

Aaron started a conference that I believe, any man who is interested in his “Personal Brand” should attend and it’s called StyleCon!

StyleCon 2015

StyleCon 2015

The event is taking place May 1st through May 3rd and is bringing together the world’s top experts in a live venue to interact and help you improve your confidence, style and outlook.



The list of StyleCon speakers is very impressive.

I spoke with Aaron and knew that I was going to StyleCon2015 and I had to be able to share this experience with my Readers, Followers, Internet Marketing Peers and Friends, I twisted his arm (not really, i’m sure by now you have seen the size of his guns) and got him to give me a Complimentary Pass to StyleCon2015 to give away!

Here’s how YOU can get your hands on the Complimentary Pass to StyleCon2015

1. Follow @IAmAlphaM on Twitter

2. Follow @DarinCarter on Twitter

3. Copy, Paste and Tweet the following message on Twitter:

Entered to win a #StyleCon2015 pass from @DarinCarter – http://darin.cc/sc2015 – #DarinStyleCon2015 #GQ #Style #Grooming #Fitness #Business

And as simple as that 1, 2, 3 you’re entered to win! I will be picking the winner from the #DarinStyleCon2015 Hashtag so you MUST Follow and Tweet to be entered.

This giveaway will run from today April 20, 2015 until April 23, 2015 and the winner will be announced on Friday April 24, 2015 on my blog.

I know my Style / Swag has been an important part of building my “Personal Brand” and if you’re looking to build your “Personal Brand” StyleCon could be just what you need to get over any bumps in the road you might be having!

StyleCon 2015 – Learn the science and art of being a modern man.


Complimentary Affiliate Summit East 2015 Pass

It’s that time of year again … TAX TIME! For some it’s good news, Tax REFUND! For some, it’s time to pay Uncle SAM!

No matter what side of the coin you’re on, I have some good news for you!

Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit East 2015 Complimentary Pass

I have a Complimentary Affiliate Summit East 2015 pass to give away!

It’s super easy to get your hands on this free pass.

1. Follow me on Twitter – @DarinCarter

2. Follow Affiliate Summit on Twitter – @AffiliateSummit

3. Copy, Paste and Tweet the following message on Twitter:

I’m entered to win an #ASE2015 Pass from @DarinCarter and you should enter too – http://darin.cc/ase2015pass – #DarinASE2015 #Affiliate

And as simple as that, you’re entered to win! I will be picking the winner from the #DarinASE2015 Hashtag so you gotta tweet to be entered.

This giveaway will run from today April 15, 2015 until April 30, 2015 and the winner will be announced on Friday May 1, 2015 on my blog.

If you win, not only will I give you a Complimentary Pass to Affiliate Summit, we’ll meet up and drinks on me! (If you’re 21 or older) 😉

If you’ve never been to Affiliate Summit, here’s your chance to come to the show at no cost and see what all the fuss is about! Let’s face it, Affiliate Summit West 2015 was packed with over 6,000 attendees and has grown every single show since day 1.

Good luck to all who enter !!!

Please NOTE: The Pass cannot be transferred, and the pass codes become invalid in the event the conference sells out. Also, anybody registering for a complimentary pass who neither checks in at the conference or cancels will be ineligible for future complimentary passes.

Kevin Brody and St. Baldricks

Landon and Kevin Brody

Kevin Brody and Landon Brody shaved to Cure Childhood Cancers!

As of the writing of this blog post here is the total amount Kevin Brody and Landon Brody have raised just this year …

Kevin Brody

Here is a letter to Kevin and Landon from one of the Board Members of St. Baldricks

Dear Kevin Brody and Landon Brody,

A huge thank you for all of your great efforts and participation with our annual St. Baldrick’s Day event last Friday. You two were once again the Top Fundraisers (after the Congressman). The pledges are still being tallied but at last count, with 132 heads shaved the event will raise approximately $183,000 with $27,750 of that having been raised by you and your dad. Outstanding!

Also, we are anticipating an additional $60,000 will be raised in matching donations making the event close to quarter of a million dollars in funds raised for childhood cancer research!

My favorite photo from the event is the one of my two biggest St. Baldrick’s heroes, you and your dad.

The funds and awareness that you raised will be invaluable in the continued search for cures for childhood cancer.

Thanks so much Landon for once again being a hero for kids with cancer

Francis Feeney
Board member Emeritus
St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Here are the two great heros, Landon and Kevin Brody!

Landon and Kevin Brody

Landon and Kevin Brody

My hat goes off to the both of you !!!